HIDDEN: Animals in the Anthropocene

HIDDEN is an unflinching book of photography about our conflict with non-human animals around the globe. Through the lenses of forty award-winning photojournalists, HIDDEN exposes the invisible animals in our lives; those with whom we have a close relationship and yet fail to see. They are the animals we eat and wear. The animals we use for research, work, and for entertainment, as well as the animals we sacrifice in the name of tradition and religion. HIDDEN is a historical document, a memorial, and an indictment of what is and should never again be. Visit HIDDEN’s webpage.

  • Portrait Format – Dimension 320×240 mm – 12.6″ x 9.5″
  • 320 pages
  • 208 images
  • 4-colour printing
  • 3 gatefold spreads
  • Hard cover + foil stamping & debossing
  • Printed on sustainably sourced paper
  • Collectible limited edition

We Animals

Drawn from thousands of photos taken over fifteen years, We Animals illustrates and investigates animals in the human environment: whether they’re being used for food, fashion and entertainment, or research, or are being rescued to spend their remaining years in sanctuaries. McArthur provides valuable lessons about our treatment of animals, makes animal industries visible and accountable, and widens our circle of compassion to include all sentient beings. The book includes previously unseen photographs and a final chapter entitled “Notes from the Field”, which is a small compilation of journal entries written while doing investigative work both at home and abroad.

  • 208-page hard cover book, including over 100 photographs and writing by Jo-Anne McArthur
  • Original printing on 10″ x 8 1/2″ Hardcover, now available in softcover
  • Published by Lantern Books
  • Edited by Martin Rowe
  • Designed by The Goggles
  • Published: December 2013
  • ISBN 9781590564264

Italian We Animals Book Cover       Spanish We Animals Book Cover
Italian We Animals      Spanish We Animals

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In recent years, the role of zoos and aquaria as centres for conservation, education, and entertainment has been placed under scrutiny. From the controversy surrounding the confinement of orcas at SeaWorld to the killing of Harambe the gorilla at the Cincinnati Zoo, questions have been asked about the place, if any, of zoos and aquaria in a world where so many animals need resources and protection in the wild and many other means of learning about the natural world exist.

For more than a decade, McArthur has turned her forensic and sympathetic camera on those animals whom we’ve placed in zoos and we animals who look at them. As with her first book, We Animals (Lantern, 2013), McArthur’s aim is to invite us to reflect on how we observe or ignore one another through the bars, across the moat, or on either side of the glass. Captive is a book that will challenge our preconceptions about zoos and aquaria, animal welfare, and just what or who it is we think we see when we face the animal.

  • Published by Lantern Books
  • Edited by Martin Rowe
  • Designed by The Goggles
  • 10″ x 8 1/2″ softcover
  • Publication: July 2017
  • ISBN: 978-1-59056-562-990000

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