The dullness of captivity and the ubiquitous trip to the zoo is known the world over. Lithuania. Jo-Anne McArthur.
The dullness of captivity and the ubiquitous trip to the zoo is known the world over. Lithuania. Jo-Anne McArthur.
A turtle writhes in agony as his shell is sliced off. He will die painfully and slowly of his wounds. Taiwan. Jo-Anne McArthur.
In some small Asian slaughterhouses, clubbing is used to stun pigs. This often fails to render the animals fully unconscious before their throats are slit. Thailand. Jo-Anne McArthur.
Collecting eggs from layer hens on an intensive poultry farm. Taiwan. Jo-Anne McArthur.
Last walk. A blindfolded cow is led from a truck to the transit stall before being processed. Italy. Tommaso Ausili.
After auction, sheep are reloaded onto multi-tier trucks that will transport them either to farms, to slaughter, or onto ships bound for other countries. Australia. Jo-Anne McArthur.
One of hundreds of emaciated long-tailed macaques at a monkey breeding facility for use in scientific research. Laos. Jo-Anne McArthur.
Tima the brown bear of the Gran Circo Holiday circus poses for a photo with children. Spain. Aitor Garmendia.
A live frog is decapitated with scissors at a street market as another frog, next in line, watches on. Vietnam. Amy Jones.
Stunning is not always effective. Hanging from a chain, a conscious steer writhes in agony and fear before having his throat cut. Turkey. Jo-Anne McArthur.
In this busy poultry slaughterhouse, tens of thousands of chickens are processed in a single night. Taiwan. Jo-Anne McArthur.
Ducks are herded into a pit to be buried alive following an outbreak of the highly pathogenic avian influenza. South Korea. Anonymous.
Out of the ashes. A kangaroo and her joey stand in a burned-out eucalyptus plantation after the cataclysmic 2019-2020 bushfires. Australia. Jo-Anne McArthur.
After unloading from transport trucks, ducks are corralled on the floor of the slaughterhouse. Taiwan. Jo-Anne McArthur.
Leather 'cow cuffs', or hobbies, restrain the hind legs of a dairy cow to prevent her from kicking. Taiwan. Jo-Anne McArthur
Immediately after birth, this calf, soaked in amniotic fluid, was senet to die for being born too weak. Mexico. Dulce Ramírez.
Lamb to the slaughter. Alone and waiting to die in a live animal market. China. Britta Jaschinski.
Straining for a single leaf to quench thirst and hunger, but freedom remains out of reach for this doomed cow. Turkey. Jo-Anne McAarthur
Peering through the gloom of a barn, one of 500 pigs finds a chink of light on a bright summer's morning. Poland. Konrad Lozinski.
Animals killed in sacrifice are plucked, dehaired, dismembered and boiled at Dakshinkali temple. Nepal. Jo-Anne McArthur.