Jade Aldridge at Rhino Revolution with a young rescued rhinoceros, whose mother was killed by poachers. South Africa, 2016.
Jade Aldridge at Rhino Revolution with a young rescued rhinoceros, whose mother was killed by poachers. South Africa, 2016.
Avalon Theisen, founder of Conserve it Forward. USA, 2015.
Yenzekile Mathebula and Leitah Mkhabela of the Black Mambas, an all-female anti-poaching unit. South Africa, 2016.
Siphiwe Sithole, one of the members of the all-female anti-poaching unit called The Black Mambas, at a school in South Africa. 2016.
Aysha Akhtar, neurologist and specialist in preventative medicine and public health. USA, 2015.
Carol J. Adams, famed author of The Sexual Politics of Meat, at her home in Texas. USA, 2015.
Anita Krajnc, co-founder of The Save Movement, with a bovine friend at Farm Sanctuary. USA, 2014.
Animal activist Jenny McQueen being dragged away and arrested by police at a Direct Action Everywhere event, which blockaded the entry of trucks carrying cows to slaughter. Canada, 2014.
Cora Bailey, founder of Community Led Animal Welfare (CLAW), rescuing a piglet at the Randfontein Dump in Johanessburg. South Africa, 2016.
Elisa Aaltola, philosopher and author. Finland, 2015.
Veterinarian Dr. Gladys Kalema-Zikusoka with rescued cheetah, Pian. Uganda, 2016.
Animal advocate and protester Helen Nelson. England, 2011.
Dawn Moncrief (L), founder of A Well-Fed World, with Seble Nebiyeloul (R, sunglasses), founder of International Fund for Africa. Both of their organizations bring plant-based nutritious foods to schools in Africa. Ethiopia, 2016.
Jean Gilchrist, MBE, with rescued donkeys at the Kenyan SPCA in Nairobi, where she has worked for over 30 years. Kenya, 2016.
Psychologist, author, and founder of Beyond Carnism Melanie Joy with a sheep friend at Farm Sanctuary. USA, 2015.
Jungle Friends Primate Sanctuary founder Kari Bagnall with members of her staff giving emergency care to Jersey, a capuchin monkey. USA, 2014.
Animal rights lawyers (L-R) Camille Labchuk, Lesli Bisgould, Anna Pippus, Sophie Gaillard and Alanna Devine. Canada, 2016.
Snake advocate and co-founder of Advocates for Snake Preservation Melissa Amarello with a rescued rattlesnake named Cash. USA, 2014.
Penny Lane Sanctuary founder Karyn Boswell with two rescued horses, Teddy and Penny. Canada, 2016.
Co-Director and Rehabilitator Josie du Toit at the Vervet Monkey Foundation, posing with Basil the sheep. South Africa, 2016.
Ledaiki Ann Nailantei, Ranger with the Kenyan Wildlife Services. Kenya, 2016.
Lina Lind Christensen with a rescued hen at her sanctuary, Frie Vinger (Free Wings). Denmark, 2015.
Edgar's Mission founder Pam Ahern with Edgar the Pig. Australia, 2010.
Animal Liberation Victoria founder, Patty Mark, with rescued animals in her yard. Mark created the concept of open rescues, a practice which continues by many liberation groups today. Australia, 2013.
Raabia Hawa, founder of Walk with Rangers and the Ulinzi Africa Foundation. She is the first female Muslim honorary ranger with the Kenyan Wildlife Services. Kenya, 2016.
Seba Johnson, vegan since birth and two-time downhill skiing Olympian. Canada, 2016.
Rachel Hogan with Nkan Daniel, a rescued gorilla whom she raised since he was orphaned by the bush meat trade. Hogan is the Director at Ape Action Africa, a primate sanctuary. Cameroon, 2009.
Animal advocate Marianne Thieme, founder of the political party, Parti voor de Dieren (Party for the Animals), at rally in Amsterdam. Netherlands, 2015.
Tuulispää Sanctuary founder Piia Anttonen with Otto, a fur farm escapee. Finland, 2016.
Maria Gonzalez with a hen during an open rescue with Igualdad Animal. Spain, 2009.
New England Anti-Vivisection Society President Dr. Theodora Capaldo with a rescued rat. USA, 2014.
An activist named Ora, grooming and being groomed by a rescued chimpanzee, at Ngamba Island Sanctuary. Uganda, 2009.