Rabbits arriving at slaughter. Spain, 2013. JMcArthur / Animal Equality
Rabbits arriving at slaughter. Spain, 2013. JMcArthur / Animal Equality
The Cruellest Sky. Pig in Transport. Canada, 2012.
Anita Krajnc, co-founder of The Save Movement, stops a truck transporting cows from entering the slaughterhouse. Canada, 2015.
The manager of the Maple Leaf slaughter plant agrees to give one chicken to the activists holding a 24-hour vigil. People crowd around the bird, who was named Mercy and given refuge at Cedar Rowe sanctuary. Canada, 2015.
Dead rattlesnakes at the Sweetwater Rattlesnake Roundup in Texas. USA, 2015.
Visitors can pay to skin snakes and are encouraged to add their bloody hand prints to the wall at the annual Sweetwater Rattlesnake Roundup. USA, 2015.
A deer in Manhattan. USA, 2005.
Fan and Cigar. The bullfights in San Sebastian de los Reyes. Spain, 2009.
Hog Sacking in Texas. USA, 2015.
A lone Humboldt penguin at the Pata Mall in Bangkok. Thailand, 2009.
Visitors through junk food to begging bears at Marineland. Canada, 2012.
The head of a red-tailed hawk at a veterinary school. Canada, 2005.
The sick bay at a monkey breeding facility. Monkeys are bred by the thousands in southeast Asia to be shipped off to labs and universities around the globe. Laos, 2011.
A restraining jacket at the Coulston Foundation, where thousands of animals were used in research. USA, 2008.
Ron, a chimpanzee who was used for invasive research for over thirty years before he was rescued by Save the Chimps. Though he had acres of sanctuary on which to roam, he mostly chose to stay indoors, in the comfort of a nest of blankets which he would circle around himself. USA, 2011.
When a chimpanzee at Save the Chimps passes away, a key is placed in their hand, symbolic of a key to freedom. The primates at Save the Chimps have all been rescued from lives in laboratories, or from the pet and entertainment industries. USA, 2014.
A calico fox in a fur farm. Poland, 2012. JMcArthur / The Ghosts in Our Machine
Due to the stress of confinement and an unnatural habitat, mink at fur farms will fight and sometimes cannibalize one another. Sweden, 2010. JMcArthur / Djurrattsalliansen
Next in line for slaughter. Spain, 2010. JMcArthur / Animal Equality
Organic, free-range broiler chickens being round up for slaughter. Spain, 2010. JMcArthur / Animal Equality
Twenty minutes old and still wet from birth, a calf is taken from her mother, placed in a wheelbarrow and brought to a "veal crate". Spain, 2010. JMcArthur / Animal Equality
One of thousands of pigs at a factory farm. Italy, 2015. JMcArthur / Essere Animali
"God is Good". USA, 2014.
Jane, a pig rescued from factory farming and now living at Farm Sanctuary. USA, 2012.
Children in the indigenous community of Opitciwan in northern Quebec help round up street dogs and family pets for the spay and neuter clinic hosted by Chiots Nordiques. Canada, 2014. JMcArthur / Humane Society International
Children are encouraged to interact with the greyhounds before the races begin. Australia, 2010.
During clashes between Sea Shepherd Conservation Society and the Japanese whaling fleet in the southern ocean, the Ady Gil was rammed by the Shonan Maru II. The boat later sunk. Crew sustained injuries but there were no mortalities. No charges were laid. Antarctic ocean, 2010.
Appolinaire and Pikin. Pikin was orphaned by the bush meat trade in Africa. Here, she is being transported from the vet clinic to a new sanctuary space at Ape Action Africa. Cameroon, 2009.
Young pigs at a factory farm. Finland, 2015. JMcArthur / Oikeutta eläimille
A goat at a slaughterhouse. Tanzania, 2011.
A dumpster full of dead piglets at a factory farm. Spain, 2009.
At 3am, Animal Liberation Victoria activists rescue 3 sick piglets who are marked to be killed the following day at a factory farm. Australia, 2013.
Activist Karen Bowman touches the snout of a pig who is en route to slaughter, during a Toronto Pig Save vigil. Canada, 2013.